Benefits of our service :

  • Removes the dirt, grime, oil, odor and bacteria.
  • Restore your floors to a like-new appeaance.
  • Makes your location look cleaner and brighter.
  • Reduces the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Monthly maintenance program available.
  • Greatly reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.
  • All work guaranteed and safe for your surfaces.

When it comes to cleaning, few things are as difficult and aggravating to the average homeowner as dirty grout. You try scrubbing, scraping, mopping and soaking but nothing seems to work. This is because the dirt and stains have gone beyond the range of most simple cleaning methods. Our system is proven to return your tile, grout, natural stone, concrete, marble, ceramic, porcelain, travertine or slate to a like new clean. We use a state of the art truck mounted system that powers out the dirt, grease, bacteria and grime, followed by our sealing treatment to protect the clean grout. This helps the floor to stay cleaner longer and to resist spills and stains. Cleaning your floors is simple and easy. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, that’s all it takes. You’ll be amazed to see what our system can do for your floors.

Tile & Grout Care

Our truck mounted equipment was designed specifically to clean hard surfaces and it provides sufficient heat and pressure to properly do the job. Our unit can provide both high heat (up to 200 degrees) and contained high pressure (up to 3000psi) simultaneously not only cleaning but also sanitizing the tile and the grout. In addition, our technicians are trained to identify the surface correctly and clean your surface without causing damage.

Why wait? Contact us today!

If you are having problems with your tile & grout, natural stone, concrete, or other hard surfaces, we can make it look clean and new again. That’s a promise! Give us a call today at 919-585-4313 or Contact Us to receive your FREE no hassle quote.

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